Finishing Touches

  • Finishing touches can make a big difference to the impression your printing will make. Talk to us about the best options for you.

    Our wide range includes: Folding, Collating, Scoring, Creasing, Perforating, Drilling, Hole Punching, Bundling, Stapling, Taping, Gluing, Padding, Numbering, Guillotining, Mounting, Book making, Binding, Covering, Laminating and Encapsulating.


    Our A4 and A3 machine folding options include 1- fold or a Z, Gate or U shape 2-fold.

    Z- fold: 2 folds are made in opposite directions, forming a shape that resembles the letter Z. This format is commonly used for letters and flyers.

    Gate-fold: 2 folds are made inwards and meet in the middle without overlapping. This is popular for invitations and brochures.

    U-fold: 2 folds are made inwards and one overlaps the other. This format is often used for menus and price lists.

    WireBindingsWire binding

    Wire binding requires holes to be punched in your document pages and are then bound together with a c-shaped wire, which is tightly closed using a wire binding machine. 360 degree page turn allows document to be opened completely flat or folded back on itself and are ideal for frequent use documents such as manuals, reports and information packs. There is a special version for calendars.

    Suitable for binding documents up to A4 size spine (297mm ) and a choice of ring sizes depending of the number of pages. Spines come in a range of colours.

    saddle-stitchSaddle stitched with Square or Round Edge

    Documents can be collated, folded with a cover and finished with two staples in the spine. There is a choice of a square or round edge spine. This is ideal for booklets, small books, and is very durable. Maximum A4 (297mm) spine.

    perfect-binding1Perfect binding

    The document is glued along the spine, similar to a paperback book you would read on holiday!. Maximum A4 (297mm) spine size, ranging from 10 to 150 pages.

    unibind-steelbook-6Heat binding

    Heat binding seals an A4 (297mm) document with a plastic front and back cover and a rigid spine, which can accommodate documents with 15 to 100 80grm pages.

    Ideal for professional looking and strongly bound documents such as presentations, company accounts and tenders.


    Both sides of a document are sealed with a waterproof, protective film to increase durability.

    This is ideal for posters, large format plans, and a wide range of smaller items, ranging from individual sheets to a large batch, and in sizes up to A0 width (841mm) and in any length, using 125micron gloss film per side.

    laminatingSingle sided laminating

    This is ideal for book and catalogue covers, menus, business cards and photos. It covers a single side of a sheet with a protective film to increase the durability and visual effect. The maximum size is SRA3, in 30 micron matt or gloss film.

    mountingCoating and Mounting

    For turning your paper or card prints into rigid and durable displays, the surface is coated and protected with a single-sided, gloss or matt film and can be mounted onto a choice of dibond and foamex boards and other displays.


    Your photographs and paintings can be printed in high resolution on canvas or artificial canvas which are then stretched on a wooden frame for wall mounting. Available in a wide range of sizes.

    envelopePaper and Envelopes

    We stock a wide range of paper, card and envelopes, varying in size, thickness (measured in GSM), colour and finish, but if you have something specific in mind, we will order it for you, based on a minimum order.

    Click here to see standard paper and envelope sizes

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