Book Production

  • Digital printing has changed the way books are published and printed and it is now viable to produce smaller quantities. Using the latest digital technology, the Copyshop can help you achieve your publishing goals and at an affordable price!

    We store the digital artwork and data of all the books we produce. Reprints in small quantities can be ordered at short notice and at the same unit cost per book. This is what is known as print-on-demand.

    The Copyshop prints paperback books in many shapes, sizes and finishes, in colour or black and white. There is a choice of a wide variety of paper and card and type of binding (Perfect, wire, heat, saddle square-edge or saddle round-edge) with an option of laminate coating in matt or gloss finish on the covers.

    Our Design Team offers pre-print advice, so please talk to them for help with your existing files and to explore ideas, graphics and layout before printing. We can also create complete artwork from scratch.

    ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

    We can obtain an exclusive ISBN number and barcode for your book, which is usually necessary if you are to sell online or in bookshops.

    Click here for Terms and Conditions for book production and sales

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